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eShram Yojana shramev Jayate: –As the name proposes, this is a plan as of late sent off by the Service of Work and Business, under which the laborers of the sloppy area are given by the Focal Government. It has been begun to gather information at the focal level with the target of giving direct advantage to the Under the e-shram plot , e-shram cards of around 43.7 crore disorderly area laborers of the nation will be ready, through which they will be given direct advantages of the plans sent off by the focal government and the state government.

Accordingly, Ministry of Labour & Employment has developed an eSHRAM portal for creating a National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW), which will be seeded with Aadhaar. It will have details of name, occupation, address,  educational qualification, skill types, family details, etc. for optimum realization of their employability and extend the benefits of the social security schemes to them. It is the first-ever national database of unorganized workers including migrant workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, etc.

What is e-Shram Yojana?

e-Shram Yojana went up by the central government, in reality, is a plan that will work to collect data of workers in every sector in the country, actually, it’s a national database (National Database of Uncategorized Workers) which will Under this, complete information about the workers of the unorganized sector will be available. After getting registered under the eshram card scheme, the workers of the unorganized sector will be helped in the smooth operation of any scheme started by the central government i.e. the state government, which can give direct benefits to these people, so that the workers of the unorganized sector will get direct benefits. And you will get the benefits faster.

e Shram portal Registration @register.eshram.gov.in, CSC Login Highlights

🔥 Department 🔥 Labour and Employment Dept.
🔥 Country 🔥 India
🔥 Scheme 🔥 E-SHRAM Portal or Shramik Registration Online
🔥 Launched Date 🔥 26th August 2022
🔥 Launched By 🔥 Bhupender Yadav, Labour Minister
🔥 Toll-Free Number 🔥 14434
🔥 Official Website 🔥 eshram.gov.in Click Here

Talking in simple words, an organized sector means an area that has no organization, that is, in simple words, you are not getting any kind of salary to work, you are associated with some work under which you do not always have work. Lived. The organized sector consists of workers in the private or public sector who receive regular wages, stipends, or other benefits which include leave and social security in the form of provident funds and gratuity. That is, if you come from the organized sector then you cannot be the 1st beneficiary under e-Shram Yojana and you will not get its benefit.

What is NDUW? , what is the e-Shram card

The full name of NDUW is National Database of Uncategorized Workers , Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing a national database of unorganized workers NDUW, under which eshram portal has been developed and UAN Card scheme has been launched.

  • The Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing a national database of unorganized workers.
  • ️ There is a facility for registration of unorganized workers on the website.
  • ️ Every UW (Uncategorized Work) will be issued an identity card which will be a unique identification number, which will go where UAN card, NDUW card, eshram card will go.

The Following Are Some Examples Of Workers In The Unorganized Sector:

  •  Small and Marginal Farmers
  • ️ Agricultural Laborer
  • ️ Shercroppers
  • ️ fisherman
  • ️ People engaged in animal husbandry
  • ️ Beedi Rolling
  • ️ Building and construction workers
  • ️ leather workers
  • ️ weavers
  • ️ magnified
  • ️ Salt worker
  • ️ Workers in brick kilns and stone quarries
  • ️ saw mill workers

Benefits Of E-Shram Card

Although there are many benefits of e-shram card scheme which will directly go to the workers of the unorganized sector, but the main benefits of these are as follows:-

  • ️ Social Security Schemes based on this database will be implemented by Ministries/Governments
  • ️ Workers will get the benefit of BHIM yojana security at o’clock
  • NDUW under the registered employee PM Security Bhim plan since you can take advantage of the registration will be waived payment of premium for the first year.

Why Register In NDUW? / NDUW Card Kyun Banaye

  • ️ Unorganized workers will get the benefit of social security and welfare schemes.
  • ️ This database will help the government in formulating policy and programs for the unorganized workers .
  • The movement of workers from the informal sector to the formal sector and vice versa, their vocational skill development etc. will be monitored by the central government and accordingly they will be provided with the means of suitable work employment.
  • ️ More employment opportunities will be provided to the migrant labor work force by tracking them.

To apply for NDUW card i.e. to get UAN card , it is necessary to fulfill the eligibility and criteria mentioned below:-

  • ️ Applicant age should be between 15-59 years
  • ️ The applicant should not be an income tax payer
  • ️ The applicant should not be a member of EPFO or ESIC
  • ️ Applying and should be a worker of organized sector.

Objectives of UAN Card Scheme

The purpose of UAN Card Yojana is to collect the data of the workers of every unorganized sector of the state so that whenever the central government wants to make a plan, they already have the information of the concerned laborer so that they can make the plan easily and benefit from it in the unorganized sector. easy access to workers.

Who Cannot Register In NDUW Card, Who Cannot Get EShram Card ?

  • ️ Any sector engaged in organized can not register foe-shram card .
  • ️ Organized sector consists of private or public sector workers who get regular salary, large lengths and other benefits, some of whom also get the facility of ESIC and EPFO, and leave and social security in the form of gratuity. Organized sector is considered as those who cannot get their UAN card made.

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How to get NDUW Card, eShram Card, how to make UAN?

By the way, you can get your e-Shramik card made both online and offline , we will know the online process in detail, for offline process you can go to any common service center near you.

CSC UAN card Apply Process e SHRAM Card

  • ️ First of all you have to go to your nearest Common Service Center and tell them that you want to make UAN card i.e. eshram card .
  • ️ You will be asked your Aadhar card number by the Common Service Center Operator (CSC VLE) and will be asked about some information such as your address etc.
  • ️ Some documents may be demanded from you as a document such as your income certificate, your business certificate, your education certificate (even if you do not provide all these documents, you will be registered because This is a formal document)
  • ️ By the Common Service Center Operator (CSC VLE) , you will be registered through online on the E Shram Portal and you will be given the eshram card by downloading it at the same time.
  • ️ Labor card will be given to you by the operator in plain print on a4 paper , for which even ₹ 1 will not be charged from you.
  • ️ If you want to get the e-shram card printed in color like Aadhar card, then for this you will have to pay separately to the Common Service Center operator.

So till now you have got almost all the information about NDUW Card Yojana and e-Shram Card , you have also learned that how to make e-Shram card through offline, now further we will know in detail how to apply NDUW Card Online

eshram Card Apply Process , UAN Card , NDUW Card Online Apply Process

  •  First of all you have to go to the official website of Ministry of Labor and Employment e-Shram Portal , eshram.gov.in .
  • ️ As soon as you go to the website, its homepage will open in front of you, where you will get to see the link to register on e-Shram , as you can see below. ?

eshram Card Apply Process e SHRAM

  • ➡️ Register On E-Shram followed by clicking on the link will help you open up a new page, as shown below. ?

  • ️ Here you will enter your Aadhar number and enter the given captcha code and click on the button of Send OTP. (For self-registration online, remember that your mobile number is already registered in your Aadhaar)
  • ️ You will enter the OTP received on the mobile , after which the e-shram card self registration form will open in front of you . As you can see below. ?

NDUW Card Self registration Form

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